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Volcanic Eruptions in Iceland

Volcanic Eruptions in Iceland Bring home Test Portray the three unique kinds of volcanic ejections that have offered ascend to Iceland’s volcanic landforms. Unreserved: A profuse ejection is a volcanic emission described by the progression of magma onto the ground. Magma streams produced by profuse ejections differ fit as a fiddle, thickness, length, and width relying upon the sort of magma that emitted, the kind of release, the incline of the ground over which the magma voyages, and the term of the volcanic emission. Dangerous: This is a savage, hazardous sort of ejection. This is an aftereffect of when adequate gas includes broke up under tension inside a thick magma, with the end goal that the released magma brutally rises into volcanic debris as weight is unexpectedly brought down at the vent. Touchy ejections can send rocks, residue, gas and magma pieces into the environment. A cloud is then made which at that point breakdown, making a progression of hot volcanic issue (gas + rocks). Blended: This emission is a blend of both magma and tephra (fragmental material delivered by a volcanic ejection). Portray the attributes of a Tuya. How does this obtain its unmistakable shape? A Tuyais a level beat, steep-sidedâ volcanoâ formed whenâ lavaâ erupts through a thickâ glacierâ orâ ice sheet. Such volcanic arrangements are confined to districts which were secured byâ glaciersâ and had volcanic action during a similar period. Their development is because of magma that emits under an icy mass and cools rapidly. It can't go far, so it accumulates into a lofty sided slope. Characterize the term jã ¶kulhlaup and disclose its essentialness to Iceland. Jã ¶kulhlaups in Iceland may start from minor or subglacial wellsprings of water softened by barometrical procedures, changeless geothermal warmth or volcanic ejections. Ice sheet fountain of liquid magma connections produce meltwater that either depletes toward the icy mass edge or amasses in subglacial lakes. Iceland is a one of a kind and significant examination site for glacio-volcanic associations. The jã ¶kulhlaups can be viewed as present day analogs of past super floods on the earth and their investigation may improve comprehension of ice-well of lava forms on different planets. Joâ ¨kulhlaups, both those depleting meltwater put away in subglacial lakes and meltwater created during a volcanic emission, have noteworthy arranging potential: they dissolve huge ravines and transport tremendous amounts of silt and chunks of ice over huge outwash fields. What are the beginnings of Icelandic waterway waters? Portray the significant fundamental attributes. Icelandic streams are of three general sorts: The cold took care of waterways which convey enormous amounts of fine residue and are ordinarily earthy colored in shading. Their overflow, being adapted by ice dissolve, is high in the mid year and low in the winter. Cold streams are near freezing at source yet warm up impressively in marsh regions. They commonly separate into many interlinked distributaries which continually alter course. The immediate overflow waterways; are generally clear. They are normal for old basaltic zones where the bedrock is impermeable. They have their most noteworthy streams in the spring during snowmelt and in fall following overwhelming downpours. Water temperature in these streams for the most part follows the air temperature. The spring-took care of stream channels territories secured by penetrable post-chilly magma fields. In these zones the ground is progressively permeable; in this manner water rises in springs at lower levels to flexibly the waterways with a steady progression of for the most part clear water. These spring-took care of waterways have a water temperature of 3â€5 °C at source and never freeze over by then. Their beds and banks are typically steady. Clarify the accompanying terms: Tephrochronology: A geo-ordered method that utilizes discrete layers of tephravolcanic debris from a solitary ejection to make a sequential system in which archeological records can be put. Cryptotephra: Very scarcely any examinations have glanced in detail at the sedimentation and appropriation of cryptotephra stores inside successions and, all the more critically, the standards for characterizing the right stratigraphic position of the volcanic occasion. Cryptotephra is a tephra-determined glass shard which isn't that obvious to the stripped natural eye since they are under 125micrometers. Isopachs: Lines on a guide or graphs which associate focuses underneath which a specific layer or gathering of layers has a similar thickness. One measure used to handle the issue of soil disintegration is re-seeding with fitting botanical species. What qualities of a plant would make it reasonable for such a reason? Soil balancing out plants go in size, root type (in a perfect world long), level of ground spread (quick development) and visual intrigue, and choosing an assortment of plants is basic for fighting the effect of wind and water disintegration. Low plants give ground spread from wind, while higher trees hinder the power of downpour before it hits the ground or progressively sensitive ground spread plants. When plants are built up, their life cycles help return supplements to the dirt to empower future plant development (imperative to have a simple seed dispersal process also) and keep up sufficient dampness levels to stay away from soil drying or oversaturation. Portray one technique that could be utilized to quantify the profile of a sea shore. Select examining focuses for sea shore profiles over the width of the sea shore. At each example point thus, place a post toward the beginning and finish. The primary point ought to in a perfect world be the low tide mark, or as near it. The following stage is to take note of the primary changes in incline edge up the sea shore, each change is to illuminate the ‘sections for the profile. For each adjustment in slant, utilize a clinometer to take a course to record the incline edge (It is essential to guarantee that the bearing is taken from a point on the shaft that compares with the eye level of the individual utilizing the clinometer). Measure the separation along the ground of the segment, and record this data nearby the incline point. Rehash forms for each break in incline that you have recognized. Clarify the accompanying: Sidelong moraines: Parallel edges of garbage kept at the edges of an icy mass. The unconsolidated trash can be kept on the icy mass by ice breaking of the valley dividers or tributary streams streaming into the valley. Since parallel moraines are kept on the icy mass, they don't encounter the postglacial disintegration of the valley floor and in this manner, as the ice sheet softens, sidelong moraines are typically safeguarded as high edges. Parallel moraines stand high since they shield the ice under them from the components, making it dissolve or eminent not exactly the revealed pieces of the icy mass. Numerous horizontal moraines may create as the ice sheet advances and withdraws. Pot Lake: Kettles are melancholies abandoned after incompletely covered ice squares dissolve. Pot Lake portrays the manner in which the lake bowl was framed. While ice sheets were shaping, a square of ice broke of, and found a uniform position. As the icy mass kept on softening, the flotsam and jetsam from the ice sheet (soil, rocks, stones, rock, and so on.) filled in around the square of ice. At the point when the square of ice at long last liquefied, all the flotsam and jetsam encompassing it fell into the opening, making the pot type bowl, which when loaded up with water, turned into a lake as we probably am aware it. Outwash plain: is a level area framed of icy residue saved by liquefy water outwash at the end of an icy mass. Clarify the nearness of wave-cut stages in zones of Iceland by and by far off from the coast. A wave-cut stage is the tight level region frequently found at the base of an ocean bluff or along the shoreline of a lake, cove, or ocean that was made by the disintegration of waves. Wave-cut stages are frequently generally clear at low tide when they become obvious as tremendous territories of level stone. In Iceland, a few cases, the stone is generally simple to disintegrate. Ocean level changes have left a stamp on the coast, and wave-cut stages can be seen in numerous around Iceland. Recognize mafic and felsic magma: These words are utilized to show the concoction creation of silicate minerals, magmas, and molten rocks. Mafic is utilized for silicate minerals, magmas, and rocks which are moderately high in the heavier components. The minerals are typically dim in shading and have moderately high explicit gravities and furthermore speak to material which is recently separated from the upper mantle. Felsic is utilized for silicate minerals, magmas, and rocks which have a lower level of the heavier components, and are correspondingly advanced in the lighter components, for example, silicon and oxygen. Felsic minerals are typically light in shading and have explicit gravities. The most widely recognized felsic rock is stone, which speaks to the decontaminated finished result of the earths inner separation process. What is the ostensible fix precision of a GPS? For what reason can a DGPS improve this ostensible precision? The ostensible fix precision of a GPS is of 100 meters with a specific accessibility empowered on the framework. The GPS has various little blunders (e.g signal postponement), so a DGPS can be utilized to improve ostensible precision since it transmits messages from nearby stations that are associated with satellites, creating better and exact information readings. In cartographic terms, clarify why the datum utilized by a GPS route set must be equivalent to for the reference diagram being utilized. A datum is a lot of reference focuses on the Earths surface against which their position can be related with a model of the state of the Earth to characterize a geodetic organize framework. Level datum is utilized to depict a point in scope and longitude. A vertical datum estimates rises or profundities. Since the Earth is a flawed ellipsoid, every limited datum can give a progressively exact portrayal of the region which is being secured than the most recent variant of the World Geodetic System datum (84). Marie Claire Attard B

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Internet Freedom and Democracy Free Essays

Web Freedom and Democracy Recently individuals progressively mindful about genuine majority rule government on the grounds that innovative turns of events and web help individuals who get to the web all the while. Particularly web has an extraordinary contribition. Internet’s most significant two highlights which are unadulterated data and simple availability are blessing from arrange engineers to overall population. We will compose a custom paper test on Web Freedom and Democracy or on the other hand any comparative point just for you Request Now Some accepts that this mediation is useful for mankind and some others contends that web will be an apparatus for mean and pernicious individuals, for example, terrorists,racist or pedophiles. Democracy’s most notable component is as a rule free as can as could be expected under the circumstances. Individual who lives in law based nation can do what s/he needs to manage without mishandling the different people’s rights,feelings and opportunities. As needs be on this definition , individuals can access to web when they need. They can speak with one another or surf on the web and nobody can stop clients. Web is another method of advancing vote based system. It is another zone that competent for staying in contact with billions of individuals. It doesn't have to rest or it never bites the dust. Anyway this occasion rely upon governments and authorities’ disposition towards the web. As you envision that, internet’s effortlessness makes ground-breaking collaboration. This association capacity drives billions of people’s consideration. This communication force and heaps of people’s consideration may cause a debilitation for Authorities. Becouse of this extraordinary force States and Authorities need to control it. Because of the vote based system, there is a hindrance for that. Our privileges are spared by laws and governments can not hinder our web opportunity. Let expect that the entirety of the creating and created nations are beindg administering with complete vote based system. In this circumstance,a enormous measure of individuals can arrive at different imformation without any problem. Just a single tick on the mouse makes a way for the remainder of the world. Jamie Metzl depicts the web as a fast and modest method of trading the data. It is an incredible creation that individuals may pick up data exceptionally quick and extremely simple. Individuals can report their voice and express their thoughts. Individuals may likewise communicate without the web yet web makes this procedure quicker. Sharing thoughts has gotten simpler with web. Since web gives stream of informatin with no defilement or changes. For instance (from Peter Brophy and Edward Helpin’s article), human rights associations were trying with tyrant governments mid 80’s however later web use has begun to develop and they have picked up adventage from web. They distributed their articles and annunced their exercises openly. In Peter Brophy and Edward Helpin’s article, Amnesty International which is an association that ensures human rights everywhere throughout the world. In their Indonesia crusade , they utilized the online correspondence becouse government couldn't making intercession to that region. Step by step Indonesian individuals have gotten increasingly mindful about their privileges and opposed to government’s human rights mishandles. Quickly , web gives majority rule rights to individuals. With internet’s contribitions individuals can comprehend the vote based system in quick and simple manner. Web is such an extraordinary creation, that it is most effortless approach to cultivate opportunity. There is no battle ready weight, police stick, or torment for readings, tunes and thought articulations. It implies that there is no this sort of unnerving effects for being free. Individuals realize that they can peruse, tune in or state what they need with web. This is the principle explanation behind internet’s ubiquity. Totally vote based nations have been permitting stream of data for a long time. But popularity based and liberal countries’ residents, individuals couldn’t communicate unreservedly before the development of the web. For instance; in Turkey, in mid 80’s loads of writer was detained by military in light of their philosophies and books. Likewise military was consuming ideological books. Indeed, even today Turkish residents aren’t perceiving the total opportunity. Be that as it may, it changed as of late. Recently 90’s web has gotten well known and there was no constraint for it. That stretch was the unadulterated opportunity for web clients. Only path for spread of a thought is correspondence. Recurrence, force and speed of correspondence are legitimately relative with spread of thought or data. A user’s thought could be compelling on the other client. Various musings could turn into a belief system at the web. For instance; a few months back Turkish government has begun to applying safe-web which is programming for constraining the web. Well known bloggers composed articles about it and they bring issues to light about this law. Right off the bat bloggers and a great deal of clients fight this issue on web however it didn’t be compelling. After that bloggers arranged a genuine dissent at boulevards. They welcomed both web clients and common open to strike this issue. A great many individuals reacted this call and they fight that law since, government attempted to manhandle their web opportunity. In any case, a few people contend that web isn’t sort of an apparatus that supportive for just turns of events. In autocracies and non-law based nations web doesn’t work appropriately while procedure of advancing the majority rule government. Oversight issue and tyrant pressures forestall stream of data. Not just affable individuals utilize the web. Governments have their own sites or online journals. Public’s web is being restricted with same innovation by governments. Non military personnel software engineers call that the Censor product. There are heaps of ways for blocking or constraining access to sites. Most notable are Web channels which modified by states’ developers. Another is hindering the site. Jonathan Strickland referenced this issue in his article. For Strickland, Governments square access to the site pages they recognize as bothersome. Bothersome implies that the sites which scrutinizes the state’s philosophy or opposite with government’s exercises. Accordingly, these activities cause a counter conviction for internet’s popular government encourage power. All in all, numerous individuals accept that web is quickening the opportunity and majority rules system in a large portion of the nations. A couple of individuals contradicting that yet for the most part thought of internet’s commitments to majority rule government is certain. Two principle highlights of this innovation are helping individuals which are quick and simple and quick openness and not ruined data. The most effective method to refer to Internet Freedom and Democracy, Essay models

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Free Essays on The Columbia Accident

The Columbia Accident This mishap and the passings of the seven part team could be handily forestalled had the pioneers and the chiefs tended to the worries of their specialists. One of the initiative issues for this situation was the way that the directors were attempting to cut the spending plan and improve productivity. At the point when I initially went over the remark of the past NASA executive Daniel S. Goldin about how could the spending cuts sway the security and him alluding to it as a â€Å"bunch of crap† I was shocked. To start with, as a pioneer and a leader one of his essential concerns ought to be the wellbeing of his group, at any rate as I would see it, despite the fact that it was the obligation of Shuttle Program Management, and they should work near location the security issues. Second, when we think once again into the history we can see that NASA had the issue of froth hits before with the Challenger and in any event, seeing its mishap the regulatory non-activity despite everyt hing happened because of the outside political powers and the inner weights of complying with the time constraint inside the authoritative structure of NASA. What's more, these were the main considerations adding to the improvement of the issue. The inner weights of complying with a specific time constraint isn't something extraordinary in the hierarchical conduct, anyway it is exclusively the obligation of the supervisory group to ensure that whatever the cutoff times are, they are met without putting any staff individuals in danger. Furthermore, this case was a fantastic case of disregarding the forthcoming specialized issues and ignoring human lives. Another option and entirely alluring answer for the issue could be fixing the penetrate in the Thermal Protection System on the main edge of the left wing. Thinking about the inside and outside weights this was something conceivable and could be effortlessly clarified by the one of the Shuttle program directors to their bosses who we re really squeezing them. â€Å"Blowing the whistle†... Free Essays on The Columbia Accident Free Essays on The Columbia Accident The Columbia Accident This mishap and the passings of the seven part team could be effectively forestalled had the pioneers and the chiefs tended to the worries of their designers. One of the administration issues for this situation was the way that the administrators were attempting to cut the spending plan and improve productivity. At the point when I initially ran over the remark of the past NASA head Daniel S. Goldin about how could the spending cuts sway the wellbeing and him alluding to it as a â€Å"bunch of crap† I was shocked. To start with, as a pioneer and a chief one of his essential concerns ought to be the security of his group, at any rate as I would see it, despite the fact that it was the obligation of Shuttle Program Management, and they should work near location the wellbeing issues. Second, when we think once more into the history we can see that NASA had the issue of froth hits before with the Challenger and in any event, seeing its mishap the regulatory non-activity despite ev erything happened because of the outer political powers and the inner weights of complying with the time constraint inside the authoritative structure of NASA. What's more, these were the central point adding to the advancement of the issue. The inner weights of fulfilling a specific time constraint isn't something phenomenal in the hierarchical conduct, anyway it is exclusively the duty of the supervisory group to ensure that whatever the cutoff times are, they are met without putting any staff individuals in danger. Furthermore, this case was a brilliant case of disregarding the up and coming specialized issues and ignoring human lives. Another option and entirely alluring answer for the issue could be fixing the break in the Thermal Protection System on the main edge of the left wing. Thinking about the interior and outer weights this was something conceivable and could be effectively clarified by the one of the Shuttle program administrators to their bosses who were really squee zing them. â€Å"Blowing the whistle†...

Business environment Essays

Business condition Essays Business condition Essay Business condition Essay Readiness is the capacity to flourish and thrive in a situation of consistent and flighty change. The term light-footed assembling was instituted by a US government supported research program at Lehigh University and, Latterly, MIT. It is an undertaking wide methodology in which the client is the main goal, change is a chance to improve, and conveying esteem is foremost. It tries to adapt to request instability by permitting changes to be made in a monetarily feasible and auspicious way. As the progress into the twenty-first century happens there are radical changes occurring that are reshaping the modern scene of western economies. Clients need to be dealt with exclusively. The commercial center has gotten really worldwide and requires low volume, excellent, custom explicit items. These items have both short life cycles and improvement creation lead times. Everything is changing exceptionally quick and eccentrically. The quick pattern towards a variety of completed items has lead numerous organizations into issues with inventories, overheads, and efficiencies. Large scale manufacturing doesn't have any significant bearing to items where the clients require little amounts of profoundly redid, structure to-arrange items, and where extra administrations and worth included advantages like item updates and future reconfigurations are as significant as the item itself. This prompts a people concentrated, relationship driven activity. Impeccable quality and exceptionally significant levels of administration are normal and required. Deftness identifies with the interface between the organization and the market. Basically it is a lot of capacities for meeting broadly shifted client necessities as far as value, particular, quality, amount and conveyance. Dexterity has been communicated as having four basic standards: conveying an incentive to the client; being prepared for change; esteeming human information and abilities; shaping virtual organizations. The organization must evacuate the hindrances that keep it from assembling with high speed the set-ups, the exorbitant material taking care of, the poor physical stream, and all creation interferences. What's more, the organization must smooth out the physical stream, coordinate the procedures and close the separations between flexibly, creation, get together, circulation, and the end client. The accentuation must be on rapidly fulfilling the administration chain of occasions from the time a client conveys a solicitation until he is fulfilled. Despite the fact that the word fabricating is utilized with this idea, the standards of dexterity can similarly apply to different elements of a business and to support ventures. The agilitys achievement has pulled in excess of 150 Fortune-500 organizations. Lean, adaptable and nimble in gracefully chain A flexibly chain is the way toward moving merchandise from the client request through the crude materials stage, flexibly, creation, and circulation of items to the client. Market requests, client care, transport contemplations, and valuing requirements all must be comprehended so as to structure the gracefully chain adequately Managing the flexibly chain for upper hand isn't simply to lessen costs. All physical and legitimate occasions inside the gracefully chain must be established quickly, precisely, and adequately. Leanness, adaptability and dexterity must be used proactively at providers and their providers. These between organization coordinated efforts made can assist with accomplishing wanted financial results that the individual firms can not accomplish independently. Such systems permit firms to join assets to pick up economies of scale, get advancements and assets, gain information, and enter showcases past their individual capacity. They additionally can assist with accomplishing proceeding with gains in proficiency, work efficiency, and decrease of process duration and stock. Examination of lean, adaptable and spry Lean creation purportedly joins the advantages of art and large scale manufacturing, without their weaknesses. It conveys quality and assortment without the cost punishment of art creation and the huge cost favorable position of large scale manufacturing. Adaptability is an element of the companys creation framework. It is the intrinsic capacity to alter or adjust its asset organization as indicated by new or changing requests in the market. Dexterity is the capacity to flourish and thrive in a domain of steady and unusual change. Lean assembling is by and large truly adept at doing the things you can control. Dexterous assembling manages the things we can NOT control. Dexterity is based upon the firm establishment of world class or lean assembling techniques, combined with an association that is truly, innovatively, and administrative built up for fast and flighty change. Among the four hidden standards of deftness: Delivering an incentive to the client, being prepared for change, esteeming human information and abilities, framing virtual organizations, the initial three can be found inside the working ways of thinking of organizations by and large idea to be lean as depicted in The Machine that Changed the World. To sum up this examination, readiness, adaptability and leanness are not options, however are commonly supporting ideas. Together they improve intensity and the possibilities of endurance in an inexorably unstable and worldwide business condition.

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First Week of College Free Essays

Brad Campagna Kathy O’Rourke College has so far surpassed my desires in an immense manner. As another individual from the ice hockey group there were numerous vulnerabilities and stresses, just as huge amounts of fervors and expectations. Clearly the greatest part, school, was nerve wracking and energizing as well. We will compose a custom paper test on First Week of College or on the other hand any comparable point just for you Request Now In school hockey its exceptionally regular that players remove a couple of years from school preceding joining in, to play hockey in junior hockey groups. This made more nerves then energy for the study hall part of school since i’ve just taken 3 school courses since graduating secondary school, making it somewhat harder to get over into the swing of things. Other than getting once again into school schedule, being a hockey player in school has made the start of school a unimaginable encounter for me. On move-in day while still during the time spent packing it all up, my flat mate and I met the main player in our group. Since my flat mate is likewise in my group it was a gigantic help to meet somebody before our folks even left. From that point forward it’s been going great and have made number of companions in the group, numerous which I definitely realize sick be generally excellent companions with later on. This was most likely the greatest alleviation for me so far in light of the fact that I had no clue what's in store. I continued stressing over how the children, particularly the newcomers, would be and truly every one is a marvelous individual. I didn’t acknowledge what amount being on a games group would assist me with making companions this quick, which I am very appreciative for. We’ve all had a fabulous time as of now and we are only multi week into school. On the entirety of that, we are all at any rate 20 years of age and up as first year recruit. I think this gives us a major favorable position of change for things like school since we are all at any rate two years increasingly develop then we would have in the event that we had gone right from secondary school. Presently that isn't to toot my or any of my companions horns, however I do feel as though the development level is certainly higher then it would have been by the general way we convey and present ourselves instead of being 17 or 18. On the off chance that the year is going to proceed on like this, I can just envision how much fun it’s going to be. This is additionally all abandoning referencing the hockey part. Hockey hasn’t even began at this point which energizes me significantly more. I think and expectation we have an excellent group that can do very well all through the season. Presently clearly school isn’t all silly buffoonery. The school part of school hasn’t truly soaked in yet since were not far into the semester. It unquestionably concerns me to some degree, however I figure I will wind up progressing admirably. I normally have a decent hard working attitude through hockey, so I plan on utilizing that into the study hall. Sure it will be more enthusiastically now and again in light of practices and games and so forth, however that is the thing that my partners and the remainder of the facilities that Potsdam supplies for us are for. It’s a decent beginning for me educator savvy, since essentially every one of them appear to be generally excellent at what they do. The main thing that has gotten me somewhat irritated and on edge about is all the perusing. Perusing occupies a ton of time and that what a large portion of school is. My time the board should be extremely productive if I’m going to do well this year. I trust my next four years here will simply continue showing signs of improvement and better as I meet new individuals and investigate new things. There is still so much I haven’t done at this point thus numerous encounters I need to look forward also as long as my school stirs keeps awake to standard. At the point when my profession at Potsdam is over I trust I will have achieved my objective of exceeding expectations all around whether its school, hockey, companions, network status and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Clearly I plan on having my degree whether I proceed with my Business major or change to something different. I expectation and hope to have passing marks all through the entire experience not simply getting by. I likewise hope to do very well in hockey and would like to have a quick effect in the group and help it out through the entire four years here. I likewise would like to have my companions that I’ve previously made be my closest companions and companions for an amazing remainder. At last when I leave Potsdam I want to have bigly affected the general network. The hockey group focuses on a high significance of being dynamic in the network and having an uplifting demeanor in each spot in each circumstance. So far there’s been a lot of inspiration here and I will be adding to that however much as could reasonably be expected. In the event that my entire time at Potsdam will be the manner by which this first week has been, at that point I foresee having an amazingly decent encounter here. Step by step instructions to refer to First Week of College, Papers

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Failed Attempts to Book Club

Failed Attempts to Book Club During my time as a university student, book clubs didn’t hold a lot of appeal for me. I was an English major, which meant that I spent multiple hours a week dissecting books, poems, short stories, etc., in a classroom with my peers, and a tutor at hand to help us along with ideas. I’m also more of a silent observer, which meant that unless participation in classes was graded, I rarely participated in open-class feedback. Though I had a lot of ideas, I preferred to take in other ideas and listen, rather than continually participate. After university, there was no space for me to discuss books anymore. I suddenly read at an even faster pace than before, without the obligation of essays and exams pressing upon me. But without an outlet for discussion, I felt stifled. I tried to join groups on Goodreads, but the conversation there petered out too fast, barely leaving me satisfied. So when one of my friends from school asked if I’d be interested in starting up a book club, I was more than happy to say “yes!” Maybe I had been slightly spoilt by the classes during my undergrad, which were fuelled not only by primary literature, but by secondary sources which had in-depth analyses of the literature at hand. More than that, those classes were informed by the anxiety of looming essays and exams. Exemplified by the fact that the busiest class of the semester was the week before essays were due, when those names on the register who had never peaked into class before, suddenly appeared, full of questions about the upcoming essay. So our first book club pick was an early dystopian novel that most of us had never heard of before. It was called We by Yevgeny Zamyatin, and it followed many of the usual thematics of the dystopian novel. It was easy to see the point of trajectory from We to more well-known dystopian novels, such as Orwell’s 1984, and Huxley’s Brave New World. Once the date arrived for our book club to meet, we piled into a cosy café that serves some of the best cheesecake in the city (according to me). And found out that I had been the only one to fully finish the novel, with two others close to the end, and everybody else not having even cracked open the spine of the book. It certainly put a damper on the book club, even as those of us who had delved into the book’s contents tried to catch the others up, and enter into a discussion. Somehow though, we were all a bit too concerned with the prospect of cheesecake, to delve into the novel too deep. So other than a bare base discussion of did we like the book, what did we like about it, who was our favourite character… we didn’t get into the nitty gritty of it. We did, however, promise to do better next time, after choosing Patrick Ness’ A Monster Calls as our next read. Being a huge fan of Ness, I was more than eager to delve into this book, finishing it only a few days after our first book club meeting. I waited around for the next one, eager to discuss the wonderful allusion to grief in the book, and to talk about what the soon-to-be-released book to movie adaptation might bring to the fore. But the next book club meeting? Well, it never happened. Constantly put off by plights of being busy, and needing more time to read the book. So we picked another book. And another after. And never saw each other past that book/cheesecake club meeting. And though I loved the cheesecake, the book club did leave a lot to desire. Which is not to say that there will not be book clubs in my future â€" I’m still on the hunt. But maybe book clubs with friends are not always the best way to go about things. And maybe book clubs don’t quite work for everybody. Also In This Story Stream View all book club posts-->

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Tutor Spotlight Meet Max, Biology and MCATTutor!

This week, we're spotlighting Max, one of our exceptional biology and MCAT tutors! Max was born down the street from the National Institutes of Health, outside of Washington, D.C., and has been a lab rat ever since. He graduated from Yale Phi Beta Kappa with both a B.S. and M.S. in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry while announcing hockey games as a TV broadcaster. As an undergrad, he achieved a 4.0 GPA in all graduate coursework and his lab work earned the departmental prize for excellence in research and scholarship. After graduating, Max completed a research fellowship at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. He is an author on multiple scientific papers and is currently pursuing a M.D. and a Ph.D. through the combined Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology (HST) program. Let's get started with the basics, Max. Where are you from? I'm from Bethesda, MD -- just outside of Washington, DC. Growing up, my life centered around baseball. I played on far too many teams and spent the rest of my free time watching and reading about the game. My parents like to joke that the appearance of box scores in the newspapers, and not the flowers blooming in my mother's garden, was my favorite sign of the spring. What did you decide to study, and why? When I was in high school, a family friend finally succeeded in convincing me that professional baseball was not a great career choice for someone coming off the bench on his high school team. I had always enjoyed science in school and he encouraged me to pursue a internship at the National Institutes of Health. I spent the summer in a lab learning how to isolate, manipulate, and experiment with proteins that interact with DNA. It was incredibly exciting to play with individual biological components and test the different ways they could interact to perform a complex task! I hung around the lab for another year before majoring in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and I haven't looked back since. What are you up to now? How did you decide to pursue this? I'm a third year student in the MD-PhD program at Harvard Medical School and MIT. I've completed a few years of med school and I'm currently working on my PhD at MIT. For me, this program is a dream come true. I had always aspired to train as a scientist and have my own research lab. During college, I realized that I was drawn to investigating how the complex molecular dance of these fundamental biological pieces produces a healthy living organism as well as what happens when things go awry. I hope that focusing on both science and medicine will allow me to solve problems that can change the way we diagnose and care for our patients. What do you imagine your life will look like in 5-10 years? Hopefully, I’ll be done with the training program. Afterwards, I’m looking forward to completing medical residency and specializing my clinical focus. I’m not sure what type of medicine that will be but I hope to be working in a field that allows me to chase my dreams of having my own lab as well as working directly with patients. What’s a lesson you’ve learned from teaching? It's incredibly important to simply listen to students and how they describe their goals or tackle their problems. There are many different ways to approach any challenge and a student's instinctive way of doing so may be very different from my own! Meeting a student where s/he is coming from is central to how I teach. I find my students are far more gratified (and successful) when they learn how to work out a problem as they see it rather than through someone else's system. What’s something you’ve changed your mind about? I used to think that purpose of education was simply to acquire knowledge. It's easy to burden oneself with the mindset of 'learn this' or 'memorize that' without questioning what it's all good for. I realize now that the ability to creatively solve problems or communicate big ideas are more important than learning facts. Everyone thinks differently which means that everyone has something to teach. What does your daily information consumption diet look like? I try to make it through most of the NYTimes each day. I also enjoy RealClearPolitics, which aggregates political editorials and allows me to explore opinions different from my own. I keep tabs on new papers published in the major journals of biology and medicine. While doing routine labwork, I'm usually plugged into NPR podcasts or TED talks. Any other free time I spend on ESPN or on deep dives into whatever Wikipedia links look enticing. What would you consider an amazing feat from your field (or any field)? Sequencing the entire human genome has had an unmeasurable impact on how we think about problems in biology and make new discoveries. Within the next few decades, it will also change how we practice medicine. Understanding our genetic information should lead to personalized recommendations, and maybe even cures, that will have big impacts on our health. I'm excited to see this revolution, both as a future scientist and physician. Are you interested in working with Max, either in Cambridgeor online? ; Want to learn more about our incredible team of tutors? Check out some of our pat tutor spotlights below! Tutor Spotlight: Meet Mac, Test Preparation Tutor Tutor Spotlight: Meet Liz, Economics and Finance Tutor Tutor Spotlight: Meet Yilma, Physics Tutor